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Chris Cook has applied to the Memphis School of Preaching with plans to start in the middle of August. The school is 2 years with 8 hour per day classes. In addition, there are Monday evening classes for the wives of every student. The tuition is free but they will need additional funds to support them. The church has committed $1,200/month. Chris will be seeking support from other churches and individuals for the additional funds required. 

If you wish to personally support Chris and Emily on a monthly basis or with some other frequency you can make your check to Farmerville Church of Christ and in the "memo" field please note that it is support for Chris Cook. We will include any donations that we receive in that way in the monthly check that we will send to the Memphis School of Preaching on their behalf. 

If you wish to support Chris and Emily directly then please speak with Chris about that. Chris and Emily own their home here and plan to return to their home after graduation. 

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