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Important Announcement About Return To Worship

The church plans to resume worship at the building on Sunday, June 7th. With that said, things will be different. In order to worship together and do our best to prevent spreading any illness, the following changes will be implemented:


- All persons will be asked to keep one empty pew behind and in front of them. We will mark what rows to leave empty.


- Sit with members of your household and keep some space, left and right, between you and those who are not normally in contact with you. I know it will be hard not to hug and shake hands, but it would be best to minimize contact.


- We encourage you to wear a face mask, but it is not mandatory. Even if you feel well, be mindful of those who are at risk.


- When you enter the building, there will be a small table at which you will need to pick up a ziploc bag containing the items for observing the Lord's supper. Each individual bag has everything you need in it. One person, one bag. The items are single-serve and we will take a moment to explain how to open them. Those can be thrown away at the end of services in the trash receptacles now located at all exit doors.


- Also upon entering the building, you will see the collection plates. Place your contribution in the plates upon arrival or as you exit. Remember you can also give electronically on the church's website.


- All song books have been removed from the auditorium. We plan on using the overhead projector to display the sheet music. This will cut down on things people touch and make cleaning a lot easier.


- At this point, we do not plan on having a Sunday morning Bible study nor are we planning to resume Wednesday night services just yet. Sunday morning worship will take place at the normal time, 10:45. Wednesday night study will continue on Facebook for the time being.


We are definitely ready to be back together worshiping. But we are also aware that the possibility of contracting this virus has not decreased that much. If you are ready to assemble again, alright with being around people, and have no symptoms, then by all means be there on June 7th. But do not feel that just because the doors are open that you MUST be there and you'll miss out if you are not. If you are in the at risk age group or you've got preexisting conditions that put you at risk, stay home. We will continue to stream the services on Facebook Live. No one will look down upon you if you are not comfortable with being around a group of people. Everyone understands. No one wants to contract this virus, and I certainly don't want to see anymore of our church family get it.


We want, more than anything right now, for everyone to be back together worshipping our God as one, in person. I'm sure you are ready too. We hope to see your smiling faces on June 7th, but if not, we understand. If you have concerns that I did not address in this update, please reach out to me and I'll edit the post.


Love you all - Ben

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Posted March 24, 2020 @ 4:10 pm


We will continue to livestream a service on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am on our Facebook page through Easter Sunday. However, we are in uncertain conditions so keep checking our Facebook page and website for updates and/or changes to the schedule.

During that same timeframe we will not be having Wednesday night Bible classes, Sunday morning Bible classes or Sunday evening services.


Some of the ladies are planning to try online devos during this time so keep in touch if you are in that group. Finally, stay tuned to our Facebook page on Wednesday’s for something special from Ben.


Please help spread the word about our schedule and continue to be safe. God bless...