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Finding and marking key words, key phrases, and lists in the Bible (Wednesday April 1st, 2020)

Cracking the code of the hardest book (Wednesday March 25th, 2020)


There is no excuse for not studying your Bible. At least there is no excuse now that we're all locked in our houses under quarantine. If you've ever wondered how to study the Bible, please know that you're in the majority. Let's walk through this intro video together, and we will see that Bible study isn't as hard as it's made out to be.

Posted March 24, 2020 @ 4:10 pm


We will continue to livestream a service on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am on our Facebook page through Easter Sunday. However, we are in uncertain conditions so keep checking our Facebook page and website for updates and/or changes to the schedule.

During that same timeframe we will not be having Wednesday night Bible classes, Sunday morning Bible classes or Sunday evening services.


Some of the ladies are planning to try online devos during this time so keep in touch if you are in that group. Finally, stay tuned to our Facebook page on Wednesday’s for something special from Ben.


Please help spread the word about our schedule and continue to be safe. God bless...